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Who We Are

Our mission is to apply the most holistic and natural farming techniques to maintain soil life and plant health, to provide the most nutritious, best tasting products, and to share the vibrant farm life by facilitating direct personal experiences of connection between customer, farmer, and land.

Our Story Five Amish vegetable farmers settled on the banks of the Clarion River in 2001 and worked together to market their certified organic produce to Pittsburgh grocery stores and farms. In 2008 they hired Zeb Baccelli and Nathan Holmes to do their deliveries. This partnership worked out so well for the farmers that they offered to build a warehouse for shared use and turn over all sales and marketing the the Englishmen if they would form a business to manage the cooperative. Clarion River Organics (CRO) was born in 2009 and has since grown to a 12 farm cooperative. Offering certified organic produce and jarred specialty products to our local market of Pittsburgh as well all over the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West.  Nathan, Clarion River Organics owner, also founded Three Rivers Grown (TRG). TRG  is a purveyor of quality value add products from small farms and food producers located within 250 miles of Pittsburgh. Including; eggs, milk, cheese, grain, teas and more.  

CRO and TRG connect regional producers to Pittsburgh's buyers and beyond, bridging the gap between the field and the grocery store. 

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