Grass fed beef, pastured pork and pastured poultry. This is how meat was meant to be raised. The animals are happy. The meat is healthy. And the flavor is AMAZING.

The farmers of Clarion River Organics are raising animals the way nature intends, and they have a year round supply for meat eaters who want to eat right. We've got beef, pork and chicken packages for every size family, and every size of freezer!

What makes pastured meat better? Animals were made to forage, finding a diverse diet of fresh feed on the land. A diet that includes continuous foraging is more compatible with the way an animal's body works. This way of life makes the animal more naturally healthy, and therefore more nutritious for us. Grass-fed beef is lower in calories, contains more healthy omega-3 fats, more vitamins A and E, and higher levels of antioxidants. And because the animals are naturally healthy, they are never exposed to antibiotics.

But most of all, it's the taste. Our farmers raise old fashioned breeds, not the modern ones designed to gain weight fast on a bland grain diet. These heritage breeds, when they get a lot of sunshine and fresh air and foraged feed, they just taste more like they should. The beef is beefier. The pork is richer. The poultry is more full-flavored. It tastes like it came from the farm, not the supermarket. Because it did.


Feasting on a fresh salad bar of organic hay.
Our cattle farmers are James and Emanuel Schmucker. The brothers raise their cattle in open organic pasture for an all grass diet supplemented in the winter with  organic hay. They've chosen a cross of Limousin and Angus breeds for their ability to turn pure grass into delicious beef. The Schmuckers use no growth hormones or antibiotics. And all of our beef is MSG free.

The red coat comes from the Limousin side of the family,
black comes from the Angus.
Our farmers are convinced that the grass-fed process of raising cattle is considerably healthier and much more sustainable than the industrial process of raising cattle in feed lots. The industrial process leads to unhealthy conditions for the animals. Large herds packed in tight quarters leads to higher emission and exposure to methane gas, and higher risks of diseases spreading to them and us too! Our farmers do just the opposite. The cattle are raised in small herds and given plenty of land to roam and graze, which ends with healthier animals and, of course, healthier meat.

Choose from a whole beef, a half, a quarter or an eighth. If you are short on storage space, you can even get your eighth delivered in three installments in our Beef CSA Share. Are you just looking for some summer grilling? We have grill boxes of 20 lbs of burger or 10 lbs of burger + 10 lbs of all beef hot dogs.

If you order a whole, half or quarter beef you can talk to the butcher to specify how you want it cut: including steak size, roast size, and getting braising meat or roasts ground into burger if you prefer. You can replace any amount of ground beef with all-beef hot dogs for an additional charge of $2.28/lb (hot dogs contain nitrates) or hamburger patties for $0.55/lb. Offal cuts (heart, liver, tongue, fat, bones) can be included by request and do not count toward the overall weight and price of your share (availability may be limited).

A whole beef will get you about 396 lbs of beef for $7.99/lb. It will include approximately
  • 96 lbs of steaks
  • 96 lbs of roasts
  • 160 lbs of ground beef
  • 32 lbs of braising meat (stew cubes, shanks, brisket)
A quarter beef takes up about this much space. A half beef is double this and a whole beef is about four times this much.

A half beef will get you about 198 lbs of beef for $8.49/lb. It will include approximately
  • 48 lbs of steaks
  • 48 lbs of roasts
  • 80 lbs of ground beef
  • 16 lbs of braising meat (stew cubes, shanks, brisket)
A quarter beef will get you about 99 lbs of beef for $8.99/lb. It will include approximately
  • 24 lbs of steaks
  • 24 lbs of roasts
  • 40 lbs of ground beef
  • 8 lbs of braising meat (stew cubes, shanks, brisket)

An eighth beef fills about three half bushels.
A box this size holds the 20lb bundles.

An eight beef will get you about 50 lbs of beef for $9.49/lb. It will include approximately
  • 12 lbs of steaks
  • 12 lbs of roasts
  • 20 lbs of ground beef
  • 6 lbs of braising meat (stew cubes, shanks)
Several smaller 20lb beef bundles available:
Beef Sampler, Burgers and Dogs Box, Cookout Combo, Braising Bundle. Check our ordering site for prices and details.

Pork flavor comes down to three things: breed, diet and quality of life. If you take a great heirloom breed, feed it a diverse natural diet and keep it happy and healthy you'll get the best pork you've ever tasted. That's what you get in a Clarion River Organics pork share. Our hogs are bred and raised on one of our co-op farms. The farm is named Pleasant Valley Swine, and Jonas Schwartz and his family tend to it.

The red coat is a Tamworth and the black coats are Berkshires.
Jonas raises heritage breeds, primarily Berkshire. Berkshire pork comes from a heritage breed pig. With a long history that goes back some 300 years in England, this black-and-white pig is highly regarded for juicy, tender, and flavorful pork which is heavily marbled with fat. Berkshire pork is renowned for its richness, texture, marbling, juiciness, tenderness and overall depth of flavor.
There's a reason they say "Happy
as a pig in mud!"

The hogs are raised in pasture and have access to roots, nuts and grass year round. They are fed non-GMO grain and scraps of our organic produce. Antibiotics are only used in extreme cases, in small doses, and long before the hogs are sent to the butcher so the antibiotics are out of their system. All or our pork contains no MSG or artificial colors or flavors. Be advised, cured hams and bacon do contain nitrates.

We offer whole or half pork, and you can customize the cuts, including the size and mix of roasts and steaks and sausage — and whether or not you want cured hams and bacon or fresh hams and pork belly. Loose sausage costs $0.20/lb extra, sausage links cost $0.45/lb, and curing costs $0.50/lb. Offal cuts (heart, liver, tongue, fat, bones) can be included by request and do not count toward the overall weight and price of your share (availability may be limited).

A half takes up about this much space and a whole pork is about double.

A whole pork will get you about 200 lbs of pork for $5.99/lb. It will include approximately

  • 16 lbs bacon/pork belly
  • 24 lbs loin roast and pork chops
  • 16 lbs spare ribs
  • 40 lbs of hams/ham steaks
  • 40 lbs of shoulder roasts/steaks
  • 28 lbs of ground pork/sausage
  • 16 lbs of braising meat (hocks/shanks, jowls, neck bones)
A half pork will get you about 100 lbs of pork for $6.49/lb. It will include approximately

  • 8 lbs bacon/pork belly
  • 12 lbs loin roast and pork chops
  • 8 lbs spare ribs
  • 20 lbs of hams/ham steaks
  • 20 lbs of shoulder roasts/steaks
  • 14 lbs of ground pork/sausage
  • 8 lbs of braising meat (hocks/shanks, jowls, neck bones)
An quarter pork fills about three half bushels.

A quarter pork will get you about 50 lbs of pork for $7.49/lb. Curing and sausage costs are included. It will include approximately

  • 6 lbs bacon
  • 6 lbs loin roast and pork chops
  • 4 lbs spare ribs
  • 10 lbs of hams/ham steaks
  • 10 lbs of shoulder roasts/steaks
  • 12 lbs of ground pork/sausage


Our Pastured Chicken is raised by our neighbors John and Deb Gruber. Their chickens are raised with no hormones, steroids or antibiotics — and their foraged diet is supplemented with only non-GMO whole grain feed.

A "chicken tractor" or mobile chicken coop allows continuous fresh foraging
This photo gives a glimpse of their beautiful acreage and numerous chicken coops. The shelters of the laying hens are moved several times each week, giving the layers full access to the farm's entire pasture. "From our farm to your fork" is John's motto. We offer whole chickens and a variety of chicken cuts from Gruber Farm.

Lastly, our Pastured Turkeys are raised by Daniel and Arlene Miller. Keeping with CRO standards, their birds are raised on the healthy diet of pasture, bugs, seeds, (locally-grown) non-GMO grains, and scraps of the organically-grown produce grown on their farm.

Turkey Party

A farm-fresh holiday turkey will range from 17-19 lbs. Reserve your now by hitting the button below.

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