Friday, April 12, 2019

New! Home Delivery Option for Pastured Meat

New! Home Delivery Option for Pastured Meat
And More Produce Options through Partnership with Penns Corner Farm Alliance

The farmers of Clarion River Organics are busy plowing and planting and the animals are enjoying the first green shoots of new growth in their pastures.

Get your choice of pastured meat cuts delivered directly to your door.

New this year we're letting you pick any grass fed beef, heritage breed pastured pork, and pastured chicken cuts you want and we'll deliver them to your door.
  • Go to our market site and order just what you want.
  • We'll contact you to confirm home delivery details.
  • Each month we'll deliver whatever you ordered in an insulated container to your home.

Shop for Meat

Our organic vegetable CSA shares are now available through Penns Corner.

We're teaming up with Pittsburgh's farm cooperative Penns Corner to deliver our organic vegetable CSA shares this year.
  • Sign up at their website.
  • Choose "Organic Harvest" to get the classic Clarion River Organics produce share including a letter from the farmer each week.
  • Add on new options like eggs, cheese and fresh flowers for more local goodness.

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