Thursday, November 1, 2018

Enjoy Local and Pastured Meat All Winter!

Winter is the time for lots of warm, home-cooked meals! Travel conditions can be far from friendly, and so keep us in the confines of our home more often. With that in mind, it's important to keep a steady supply of tasty, healthy and locally-raised meat at hand during the upcoming winter months ... so let us help! — Subscriptions for our CSA Meat Shares are available now!

We offer three share types: Beef, Pork and Chicken.
The meat is not certified organic, but the animals are antibiotic free, raised on organic pasture, and also fed organic hay and local non-GMO/organic grains.
(Visit our Meat Page to learn more about our meat and farmers.)
Beef Share (1/8 of a cow): $163 per delivery x 3 = $489/season
~16lbs per delivery of roasts, steaks, ground and braising meat.

Pork Share (1/4 of a pig): $126 per delivery x 3 = $378/season
~16lbs per delivery of  roasts, chops, ham/steak, bacon and sausage.

Chicken Share (9 roasters): $63 per delivery x 3 = $189/season
 3 whole chickens per delivery ~3.5-4lbs per roaster.

*Deliveries are scheduled for Thursday: December 13th; February 7th and April 11th*

(dependent upon participation)
Highland Park - Bryant Street Market
Lawrenceville - espresso a mano
McMurray - Sunny Bridge Natural Foods
Mt. Lebanon - Eden's Market
Moon Twp - Municipal Building
Oakmont - Today's Market
Regent Square - Biddles Escape
Southside - Delanie's Coffee
Wexford - Whole Foods
Sligo - CRO Warehouse
Erie - Whole Foods Cooperative

Please email, or call 412-589-9276 with any questions!