Wednesday, May 2, 2018

*NEW* Custom Share CSA Option

We grow. You choose!

Have you ever wished for a CSA share where you could pick exactly what you get each week and take weeks off when you need to? Well, now you can with our new Custom Share option!

We hope the option will attract your interest and commitment whether you’re a former member, current member, or someone who has always wanted to join a CSA farm but eventually held back because of a few common concerns shared by most CSA lovers. Chief among those concerns, we've learned, are food waste and food taste. This new option, we think, will address those worries! Let us explain...

What is a “Traditional” share? What is a “Custom” share? How do they differ?
A traditional share is a box of produce (containing 5-10 items) pre-determined by your farmers. Each week, based on their projected harvests, they select a collection of vegetables and fruits to give to you. They harvest their selections, we pack them into a box for you and quickly deliver them to your chosen host site.

Our new “custom” or “free-choice” option, on the other hand, will give you the ability to choose, item-by-item, the vegetables and/or fruit you want delivered in your share each week. While the “traditional” box is chosen for you by the farmers each week, the “custom” option gives you the final say on what produce you will receive. You’ll be given access to our inventory each week; and YOU get to build a box full of vegetables and fruit according to your taste!

How do I “build my box” each week?
After signing up for the Custom share, we will help you create an online account that will give you access to our online storefront — or, in other words, our online farm-stand. (A snapshot of what the storefront looks like is included below.) If you’re familiar with shopping online, navigating the storefront will be a piece of cake. Nevertheless, we will share a “How To” video detailing all the steps between and including the ‘log in’ and ‘checkout’ so you are all prepped and ready to go well before the first CSA delivery (May 29th!).

Storefront Screenshot

Do I have to customize my share each week?
Certainly not. That’s up to you! All of our CSA members, by default, will be scheduled to receive the "Traditional" farmer’s choice each week. But as a Custom member, you have three options available to you:
1. If you like what the farmers selected and have no desire to change the share contents — great!, nothing more will be asked of you, and you can expect that share to be delivered as usual.
2. If the share doesn’t altogether suit your taste, then you’ll just need to log-in to our storefront, shop through our inventory, and build the share to your preference.
3. If you’d rather not receive anything at all — that’s OK, too; just log-in to our storefront and cancel the default weekly order.

Are my choices limited at all?
Far from it! With full access to our entire product list, the choices (and combinations of your choices) are many! Build a box of individual items one week (i.e. 1 head lettuce, 2lbs blue potatoes, 1lb carrots, 1lb candy onion, 2lb heirloom tomatoes, etc.), order only bulk another week (say, a case of 24 ears of sweet corn), or build a box and order bulk in the same week … the choice is yours! All we’ll ask is that you confirm an order for delivery that is at minimum $22. There is, of course, no maximum:)

A colorful and delicious variety
Is there a deadline for customizing the share each week? Will I be reminded in case I forget?
Yes, and Yes. You can expect to receive a newsletter from us the Thursday before the next delivery date letting you know what the farmer’s have selected for that week’s share. After reading the newsletter, if you’d prefer to alter the share (or cancel the order altogether) you will have until Saturday morning to login to your account and place your new order. If no custom order is placed, or no cancellation is made, then we will assume your content with the farmer’s choice and will deliver that accordingly.

OK — I somewhat understand, but I’m still at little confused … I have more questions!
Sorry about that! Please give us a call at 412-589-9276 — we’ll be happy to clear up any confusion we’ve caused and answer the questions we left unaddressed!


This sounds great!! How do I join?!
Excellent! You can join our farms here: Sign-up Page!