Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Join the CRO Greenhouse Campaign!

We’re crowdfunding new greenhouses and you be an investor to help us get them up and running!

The exteriors of the three greenhouses are already up in back of our warehouse.
We’re very excited to team up with Honeycomb, the Pittsburgh based crowdfunding start-up, to offer our supporters a chance to invest directly in Clarion River Organics! Honeycomb allows investors to make micro loans of $100 or more to local businesses that they love. The guys at Honeycomb came to us at just the right time this Spring as we were looking to expand into greenhouse production. The greenhouses will allow us to extend our season and expand our customers’ access to our local organic vegetables. Rather than go the usual route of taking out a loan from our bank, Honeycomb gives us a chance to include our customers and fans in our growth!

Zeb and family are looking forward to working with plants in the warm greenhouses all winter.
Farming carries a lot of up front costs, from seeds to packaging. Our CSA members help us cover that every year by paying up front for their vegetable shares. But major expansions like new contruction and equipment are a larger hurdle. We already purchased and erected the greenhouses, but now we need money to equip them and connect the utilities. In the past we’ve worked with great local lenders to fund such expansions, but we’ve always wanted to include our members and fans in the process. Honeycomb allows us to invite you in. You make an investment with us and get a competitive return. We have some additional perks for larger investments too.

How to invest?  In just a few easy steps you can be a part of the Clarion River Organics' campaign.

  1. Visit our campaign page here
  2. Review the campaign details and decide if it is a good investment opportunity for you.
  3. Select "Invest" to create a profile and make an investment (have your  bank information ready to make the process easier; your checkbook should have what you'll need).
  4. When we reach our funding goal, funds will be released to us to complete our greenhouses, and if we don't reach the goal your investment will be returned.
  5. Once the loan is live, Clarion River Organics will make monthly payments to Honeycomb. As we make those payments, you will receive quarterly repayments (plus interest) directly into your bank account.

Feel free to pass this information on to anyone who wants to invest in the local food system and sustainable farming!

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