Monday, February 19, 2018

Hip Hip Hooray for CSA!

Happy CSA Week! ... That's right: it's that time of year to recognize Community Supported Agriculture! This yearly celebration is marked by the last Friday of the month of February — which, appropriately, has earned the title of CSA Day — when special attention is given to local, small farmers throughout the US, and the CSA they provide to sustain their farm, provide for their families and feed their community. 

Like every CSA farm, we hope to enjoy an influx of memberships this week! All CSA subscriptions are investments in our farms, and early subscriptions are especially helpful as we prepare and plan for the necessities of the upcoming growing season. 

We're itching to start tilling!

You may be thinking: why join a CSA rather than a grocery delivery service? While they may seem similar, they're really quite different! As a CSA member, you make a seasonal commitment to your local farmer in return for a fresh collection of produce (often harvested a day or two before delivery!) each week for the entire growing season. Unlike other alternatives, CSA members have the benefit of knowing exactly where and how their food is grown, as well as having the opportunity to form a relationship with their farmers. Here at CRO, we're especially interested in this. Come see our farms, meet your growers, visit us anytime — especially for our member Potluck lunches!

Help us celebrate! Support CRO farms!:
  • SIGN-UP for one (or more) of our available CSA subscriptions!
  • Share your CRO support on social media — share our website with your family and friends; copy and paste the graphics from this page for a Facebook post (or even use one as a profile picture this week!).
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As we said before, join us this year for a 'share' of our harvest and also to share our vibrant and organic life!

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