Thursday, January 25, 2018

Winter Blues Begone! ...Think Ahead —Think CSA!!

Winter Farm Views
January, as usual, ushered in plenty of snow and routinely kept temperatures well below freezing here in rural, western PA. They—the snow and the cold—will be slow to leave the area, charitably granting us several more hours of compulsory exercise (i.e. shoveling) and 'slippy' travels for as long as they please. 

It's not all bad, though. Your CRO growers not only benefit from but also revel in these traits of Winter. How do they benefit from the cold, you ask — well, they actually harvest it! And how do they enjoy it — endless games of pond hockey, of course!

Nevertheless, shorter days and limited sunshine can leave even the best of us a bit down, wishing for something beyond "better weather" to look forward to ... and we can help!

MVPs of Our fields
A gorgeous and delicious CSA share
While the CRO community certainly enjoys the charms of Winter, we never lose sight of our growing season, and all the beauty and excitement that it brings — chief among them is our CSA. And 2018 Summer subscriptions are available now!

Stave off those possible Winter blues: join us in our excitement and share our happy-harvest anticipation by becoming a member of our farms! Look forward to not only future warmth, but also to a weekly, fresh, and organic vegetable farm-share that you can enjoy Spring through Fall!

*P.S. CSA memberships aren't simply food subscriptions and nothing else. No, not here at CRO! We're happy to boast of our open (barn-door😉) invitation to visit our farms, meet your growers and peek into our life at our warehouse! Member potluck lunches and farm tours are in the works, too. And last, but not least, each vegetable share you receive will be accompanied with a letter written by one of our member growers! ... So join us — come share our harvest; come share our life!