Monday, May 1, 2017

"Bacon" In The Sun

Pork flavor comes down to three things: breed, diet and quality of life. If you take a great heirloom breed, feed it a diverse natural diet and keep it happy and healthy you'll get the best pork you've ever tasted. That's what you get in a Clarion River Organics pork share.

The red coat is a Tamworth and the black coats are Berkshires.
Like our cattle, our hogs are bred and raised on one of our co-op farms. The farm is named Hill Top Farm, and Emanuel Schmidt and his family tend to it. Emanuel raises two different types of hogs: Berkshire and Tamworth.

Tamworth hogs are one of the oldest pig breeds. They tend to be leaner with good texture and a balanced flavor, and have a reputation of providing the best bacon! Berkshire hogs are also an older breed, and are known to have darker and more marbled meat that produces a delicious buttery flavor. 

There's a reason they say "Happy
as a pig in mud!"
Our hogs are raised in pasture and have access to large amounts of hickory nuts, which both breeds have a nose for! This helps to give them a natural hickory flavor.

Though they are not certified organic, the hogs are fed non-GMO feed and scraps of our organic produce. Antibiotics are only used in extreme cases, in small doses, and long before the hogs are sent to the butcher so the antibiotics are out of their system.

The hogs are sent to a local butcher who adds no MSG or artificial color to any of the sausage or cured meat. The hams and bacon do have nitrates though.

Here are some details about our Pork share:
The total price of the share is $378. 
A share is equivalent of 1/4 of a pig (48 lbs). 
You can expect three deliveries of 16 lbs. each in June, August and October. You'll get a mix of bacon, ham, roasts, sausage, and ground pork. 

It’s not too late to become a member — click hereYou can buy a meat share without buying a vegetable share if you want. If you've already purchased a vegetable share and would like to add a meat share just email us and we'll add it on for you.

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