Friday, April 28, 2017

Summer is Coming ... So Beef Up!

At CRO we are proud of the type of meat we can offer to our members. Our pride stems from the fact that our animals are humanely tended to — and are healthy as a result. This makes our meat better tasting, better for your health, and better for the earth.

Feasting on a fresh salad bar of organic hay.
Our cattle farmers are James and Emanuel Schmucker. The brothers both raise their cattle in open organic pasture for an all grass diet supplemented in the winter with  organic hay. They've chosen a cross of Limousin and Angus breeds for their ability to turn pure grass into delicious beef. The Schmuckers use no growth hormones or antibiotics. And all of our beef is MSG and nitrate free.

The red coat comes from the Limousin side of the family,
black comes from the Angus.
Our farmers are convinced that the grass-fed process of raising cattle is a considerably healthier and much more sustainable way of raising cattle than the current industrial process of raising cattle in lots. The industrial process leads to unhealthy conditions for the animals. Large herds packed in tight quarters leads to higher emission and exposure to methane gas, and higher risks of diseases spreading to them and, in the end, us too! Our farmers do just the opposite. Cattle are raised in smaller herds and are given plenty of land to roam and graze, which ends with healthier animals and, of course, healthier meat.

Here is some information regarding our Beef Shares for Summer 2017:
Total cost of a beef share is $489.
You will receive 48 lbs. of beef (which is about 1/8 of a cow).
You can expect three deliveries of 16 lbs. each in June, August and October.
You will receive around 4 roasts, 15 steaks, 20 lbs. of ground beef, and some braising meat. Offal cuts (heart, liver, tongue, bones) can be included by request and does not count toward the overall weight of your share. Availability may be limited.

There's still several weeks to become a member. Sign up here! You can buy a meat share without buying a vegetable share if you want. If you've already purchased a vegetable share and would like to add a meat share just email and we'll add it on for you.