Saturday, October 24, 2015

Holiday Turkey, Ham, and Leg of Lamb

One of Daniels turkeys, soon to be yours
Danielle and Arlene Miller raised their birds on pasture, eating bugs and such, also fed locally grown, non-GMO grains and organic produce scraps. 

Hams come from pigs raised by Emanuel Schmidt. They are on pasture and supplemented with local non-GMO feed and organic produce scraps as well. 

Lamb is raised the same: pasture, and supplemented with local non-GMO grains.

Meats can be reserved and picked up at any of our current Winter CSA pickup locations the week before Christmas. Meats come frozen. You will not be able to choose the exact size you would like. 

Turkeys: $4.25/lb. (average 14-18 lbs)

Hams: $6.00/lb  (average 8-10 lbs)

Lamb Legs: $10.00/lb (average 5 lbs)

Sign up now, enter your payment details into our system, and you will be charged the full balance automatically upon pickup. 

Last day to place an order is December 14th.

Email with any questions.

Sign Up Here
Current CSA members or not can use the link above to access the online store and place an order
Or, if you would just like to look at a list of current pickup locations, days and times.

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