Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Season Begins!

Broccoli Raab fresh out of the ground.
This heat has really sped things up in the field!
All of a sudden we have all kinds of green things on the cusp of harvest.

For the first time in years we have Broccoli Raab back. It's a peppery gourmet cooking green. Think a cross between mustard greens and broccoli stalks, or a more robust arugula. The cold start and hot finish to this Spring made them mature before they were fully grown, so we'll have mini-raab for you this week. 

We also have plenty of everyone's favorite spring treats, Asparagus and Rhubarb! 

Produce season is finally here and the farmers are glad to be working the fields dawn to dusk tilling and planting and, soon, harvesting. Our CSA starts in just three weeks and we can't wait to bring everyone from Pittsburgh to Erie to Punxsutawney a steady stream of fresh organic produce. You can still get your share at our CSA page. Until then stop by the Pittsburgh Public Market or our outdoor markets and Zach hook you up.

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