Monday, May 11, 2015

Pork for your Fork

As with our cows, our hogs are bred and raised on one of our co-op farms, Hill Top Farm, by
Emanuel Schmidt. Emanuel raises mostly Berkshire/Tamworth cross hogs.

Tamworth hogs are a heritage breed that tend to be leaner than other breeds and have a reputation of providing the best bacon. Berkshire hogs are also a heritage breed, and are known to have darker, high quality meat. Crossing these two breeds creates the perfect pork for your fork.

 Our hogs are raised in pasture and have access to hickory nuts which helps to give them a natural hickory flavor.

Though they are not certified organic, the hogs are fed non-GMO feed and scraps of our organic produce. Antibiotics are only used in extreme cases, in small doses, and the hogs are not sent to the butcher until the antibiotics are out of their system, usually within 30-60 days.

The hogs are also sent to Whitings Meats for butchering. Since we raise organic produce and pastured animals, Whitings does not add any MSG or nitrates to our hams and bacon to make them the best around!

So if you haven't yet, hurry and sign up for your pork share before it's too late!