Friday, May 8, 2015

Goodbye and Thank You!

One of the many home-cooked
meals from our farmers
In 2007, quite by accident, I ended up doing a delivery for Aaron Schwartz, the lead grower of what would become Clarion River Organics. That first day we met, just as I was about to leave he called to me from his loading dock. Squatting down as if to check the soil, he looked at me with his big Abraham Lincoln eyes and said "you know we need someone like you to turn this into a business." With one foot in my truck and with an unconvincing confidence and a smile, I told him that I would make it happen. That day I know that neither one of us knew what we would be getting into, but I can remember it clearly because I had that amazing feeling of having found what I was looking for – generous, passionate farmers and the most challenging and rewarding work of my life.

Beet Crazy at the Public Market
Today, Clarion River Organics has 13 farming families, produces millions of pounds of organic food, and feeds thousands of families. I am very proud to have had the honor to be part of this amazing group of farmers as well as to have had the privilege to serve so many wonderful customers. Every farm market purchase, every CSA sign-up, every time you bought from us at the grocery store or for your restaurant YOU made this happen

Home with family and friends
To all of our faithful customers, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This spring, I am leaving CRO to work on a new project that will help farmstead dairies of Western Pennsylvania. My new business is called Family Farm Creameries. I will also be using local milk to start a farm-to-cone ice cream business called Homegrown Ice Cream. You can still visit me at the farm markets, and I hope you will! CRO is in good hands with Zeb, my partner from the beginning, and the rest of the team - Katie, Adrienne, and Zach.

I love the growers of CRO and cannot think of a nicer group of farmers with whom to work. However they taught me two very important lessons: one never be afraid to start new things and if you can be closer to your family it’s probably worth it.

Much love and always EATCRO,


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