Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chicken Share Sign-ups filling up fast!

Summer is the time for cookouts and barbecues, so don't miss out on our pastured, non-GMO roasting and stewing chickens!

This year our roasting chickens are being raised by Marty at Hidden Valley Farm!

This is Marty's first year raising so many chickens, but he has risen to the challenge. He and his sons constructed portable chicken enclosures that provide the chickens with shade, and set them up in an area with plenty of grass to graze in.

A few chicks were lost in the beginning so they were treated for Coccidiosis with Corid. Corid, or amprolium, is an anticoccidial drug that mimics thiamin (needed for Coccidiosis) and causes malnutrition in coccidia, making the chickens better again.

Our stewing chickens were once again raised on pastured and fed with non-GMO feed and organic scraps by Emanuel Schmucker. Emanuel gets his Rhode Island Red hens in the fall, and uses them as layers for the summer season.

When they first arrive at the farm , he gives them a little Aqua-Nox for stress, but after that are given no antibiotics. Once they get too old to lay eggs, he butchers them for stewing chickens. He has recently cut down on his flock, though, and because of this, our chicken share members will only receive one stewing chicken this season, in the last delivery.

But don't let that stop you from signing up!
We are making up for it by giving members
 3 roasting chickens for the first two deliveries!

So sign up now, because we are almost sold out!                                                                                                                                                                

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