Friday, April 17, 2015

What's the Beef?

Here at  Clarion River Organics, we pride our selves on our organically raised*, 100% grass-fed beef.

Our cows are raised by two brothers, James and Emanuel Schmucker. The brothers both raise their cattle in open pasture with plenty of grass, and in the winter feed them only organic hay.

Absolutely no growth hormones are used, and only in extreme cases of necessity are antibiotics used, and the animals are not sent to be processed until the antibiotics are out of their system. Also, all of our beef is MSG and nitrate free.

 Both growers breed their own cattle, with James raising a Devon-Angus cross, and Emanuel raising a Limousin-Angus cross. The cows are then raised to about two years old, when they have the best marbling for the best taste, and then sent to our choice, USDA certified butcher, Whitings Meats in local New Wilmington, PA.

We believe that grass-fed animals are a healthier and more sustainable way of raising our cattle, as they are raised in healthier conditions than cattle raised in lots, who are more inclined to diseases which can harm them and us, and emit more methane gas. Our cattle are raised in smaller herds, lessening the chance of disease and reducing the amount of emissions released in air. They are also more economically stable since there is no need to buy grains since the grass is already provided, and they aren't bought as calves because they are bred on our farms.

Beef Shares for Summer 2016 are $420:
48 lbs = 1/8 of a cow
Three deliveries of 16 lbs each in June, August and October

*not certified organic