Friday, August 29, 2014

Best Red Kuri Crop Ever

Summer is coming to a close but that means the height of the harvest is just beginning. We are swimming in all kinds of tomatoes and peppers, we still have tons of cabbage even as the fall cabbage is about the be ready, and the onions and garlic are harvested and curing. It's been a record year for all of those things, but the most exciting for me is our best Red Kuri crop ever.

Red Kuri is my favorite winter squash. The flesh is dense and sweet and the skin is soft enough that you can just leave it on and eat it, unlike butternuts and acorns where you have to scoop the flesh out. Red Kuri is great baked, fried, pureed, in soup, in curry, or anywhere else you'd use a starchy vegetable. And it's full of nutrients. CSA members will be getting plenty of it and everyone else can look for it soon in stores that carry our product

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