Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beans, Beans the Magical Fruit!

 Today I went to Hidden Valley Farm to help pick beans, and boy do they have a lot! These pictures are of both sides of the bean rows (about 12 rows.) Today was the first day picking and we harvested almost 80 - 1/2 bushel boxes of beans!    

                                                    But the farm doesn't only have green beans. There are also yellow beans, purple beans and dragon tongue beans [to the right (they're pretty cool.)] I was picking yellow beans and picked three five gallon buckets full! And I got there late! There were ten other people picking and I can't imagine how buckets they picked each. Picking beans is a lot of work just like weeding but the upside is that you can eat the beans. I also was allowed to take some home since there weren't enough to fill the last box; I will                                                                     definitely enjoy them! I hope you all will too once                                                              they are put in the CSA shares!

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