Thursday, June 19, 2014

Having a Field Day

Today I was Emanuel's farm picking chard. And not just any chard, but rainbow chard! You may be asking, "what's the difference between rainbow chard and any other chard?" And to tell you the truth,  I don't know. Just that the stalks are different colors like the ones you see here.But it sure is pretty, and tastes good too!
  So the way to pick chard is simple:
  you look for the nicest leaves (ones
  with little or no holes) and check to
  see if the stem is at least nine inches;
 if not then you leave it there to get
bigger for the next picking.

The next thing I did was weed fennel. For     those of you who don't   know what fennel is, I did a little research, because I didn't know either! Fennel is a   perennial herb that is very similar to anise.It has many medicinal culinary values, and the bulb is good to eat too, especially with peanut butter!                        

While Emmanuel's daughter and I weeded the fennel, he and his sons picked patty pan squash. This is just three of the many rows of patty pan that he grows.

                                                                                                     Patty pan is a flattish, round squash that can be stuffed with dressing or cheese and baked, or fried with butter and salt, or however you like to make it. I was fortunate enough to get to bring some home with me so I think I'm going to try stuffing it with cheese and bacon!

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