Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Gateway Lodge - Farm to table in our neck of the woods

Our friends in Pittsburgh have lots of chances to eat artistically prepared food made from fresh local ingredients, including our own produce. There are too many to name but check out Penn's Corner's customer list - they're all great.

The rustic dining room of the Gateway Lodge

But up here in north-west-central/middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania such experiences of culinary beauty are harder to find outside of a home kitchen. So I want to recommend a faithful local customer of ours, The Gateway Lodge in Cook's Forest. I've always known Cook's Forest was a great place to visit for hiking, canoeing and family fun, but now that my wife Carla and I have had a chance to visit the Lodge I can say it's also a great place for fine dining. Chef John takes our simple organic vegetables and ingredients from other local farms and turns them into delicious works of art. To our local friends, it's worth the drive, and for our friends in Pittsburgh the whole Forest is worth taking a three day weekend.

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