Saturday, October 19, 2013

Keep food safe and keep small farms strong

We're going to ask our friends and fans for a little bit of help now. Food safety has been in the news a lot over the past couple years due to major contaminations in spinach, cantaloupe, peanut butter, ground beef, and more. In response Congress has mandated the FDA to create new rules to govern all food production and distribution - from the smallest farm to the biggest processors and retailers. It is good that the federal government is stepping up and addressing this growing problem, but they are proposing a "one size fits all" approach that threatens to destroy the local food movement and small farm culture. While all food businesses should meet the same high standard for food safety, small farms need to be able to do it in different ways than food factories.

At Clarion River Organics we take food safety very seriously. We have been working with a coalition of Amish farmers in collaboration with USDA and university experts to put in place food safety programs appropriate to our farm sizes and technology levels. We believe these practices keep our food just as safe or safer than factory farmed food while preserving food quality, nutrition, and low environmental impact. And the science supports us in this. Unfortunately big business is pushing for a industrial standard that would crush small farms.

If you have time and are interested, please add your name to the petition linked below requesting that the FDA modify its rules to include appropriate practices and oversight for small farms selling locally. If you have even more time, the link below will also offer help in sending your personal comments directly to the FDA. And if you could share this with anyone else interested that would be wonderful. Thanks for helping us keep food safe and keep small farms strong!

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  1. Done! I am very much against the bullying tactics of Big Ag, Monsanto, Bayer, the USDA, the FDA and others. Keep growing, I will be happy to keep buying from you and fighting people who don't consider the needs of the small farmer and those who support them!