Saturday, July 13, 2013


All the hot warm weather we've had in the last two months has resulted in the most outrageous cabbage harvest we've ever seen.
Here's my two year old son Fabian showing how big the red cabbage was a month ago.

 In fact the green cabbage grew so well that half of it is too big. Stores can't sell 10 lb cabbages and we can't fit them in our CSA boxes. That's left us with a storage problem, as we need to get them out of the field and into the cold until we find a home for them. Aaron filled his entire ice house with double stacked bins and still there was more to go, so they started just piling cabbage on top of the bins, clear to the ceiling.
Finally we found some processors and prepared foods departments who could take the extra large stuff to make cole slaw and sauer kraut. We'll be getting a large batch of that sauer kraut ourselves, so look for that this fall. Slowly we're starting to dig our way out of this cabbalanche.


  1. LOL We love the cabbage!
    Last weeks sits on the counter and every time my son and I walk by we grab a leaf and eat it raw. He also loves PB&J raw cabbage rolls. Sound weird I know. I won't try it myself, but we do find PB on celery acceptable so not sure why the idea of it on cabbage weirds me out. :)

  2. Gorgeous! I am a cabbage lover. Melissa Clarke has a wonderful cabbage pasta recipe you may enjoy.