Saturday, June 15, 2013

Meet the interns

This year for the first time at Clarion River Organics we have taken on interns. It's an exciting step: we share our view of the organic produce business and in return we get help from some enthusiastic, smart young people. Zach and Lacey are students from Clarion University studying environmental sciences.

As part of their learning experience they will be going to one of our 12 farms each week and writing a little piece on what they did and what they learned. It will be interesting to see the cooperative through new eyes as we follow their summer at Clarion River Organics. If you have any questions about the farms, the produce, or the cooperative post them in the comments and I'll have Zach and Lacey go out and get answers for you.

Here is their first reflection from working one of the farms:
Today we visited Aaron's farm to assist him in weeding his cabbage fields. While with Aaron we learned about the importance of maintaining the health and hydrology of the soil, as well as the importance of soil microbes to plant growth. He taught that rotating the crops in the fields to plant hay helps restock the soil with nutrients. Both of us are enjoying our time spent here at Clarion River Organics and are grateful for the experience we are gaining for our field of study at Clarion University. Check in soon for our next post, and thanks for your support!
Weeds among the Broccoli
Young Red Cabbage