Saturday, February 2, 2013

CSA '13 Registrations Now Open!

We are very happy to announce that we are now accepting new members to our 2013 Summer CSA.  Please visit our updated CSA Site for more information about the program.  If you would like to join us, you can

As we were putting together our plans, we strongly considered our members' feedback from last season, and have made a number of changes that I think will really make the program even better this season.  Here are some highlights--visit our CSA Site for more complete details.

Pick-up Sites - We were able to change our delivery schedule to fit a new route in, and use a map of our members' addresses to pinpoint the best places to add new sites.  In total, we are adding ~15 new neighborhoods this year, and changing our site hosts in several others that we are already in.  You can see where we deliver here.

Share Options - We are offering Small ($17/week) and Full ($25/week) produce shares again this year, though we adjusted the Small shares to be a little bit larger, to allow for more variety, and more higher-value items.  In addition, you have the option to have a local cheese subscription, and we are finalizing plans for several meat options you can subscribe to for monthly pick-up.  You can learn more about our share options here.

Season Length - We have decided to add 3 weeks to the end of the season, so it will now run from the beginning of June through the week before Thanksgiving (25 weeks).  This is just a reflection of the fact that we are still well-into harvest season at that time, and last year we had some trouble trying to pack some items just coming into season then in the time allowed.

Payment Options - We have added the options to pay in 3 or 4 installments; which should give you some more flexibility, and might make budgeting a little easier for you.  We still accept electronic checks, credit cards, paper checks, and SNAP benefits.  If you are paying with SNAP Benefits, we made the sign-up process a little simpler, and will apply a 25% discount to the price of your produce share.

Cancellations - Though we certainly hope that none of our members desire to cancel their subscription, we also do not want anybody to feel that they are stuck with us if they are unhappy, so we have decided to allow cancellations anytime throughout the season.  All you have to do is email us to let us know, and we will refund any remaining balance you have--though we will keep a $50 cancellation fee.

Those are the major changes that you might notice, but in addition to that, we have updated the way that we coordinate our growing plans for the CSA, and have started that process much earlier this year; which should really help the harvest go smoothly.  We are also planning on putting together our share plans earlier throughout the season, and using a new method of allocating produce for the CSA that should improve the variety you receive throughout the season.

I hope you are just as excited about the upcoming season, and all of these changes, as we are.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.