Monday, August 20, 2012

Peak of the Season Farm Tours and Harvest Celebration

I am very happy to formally announce our Peak of the Season Farm Tours and Harvest Celebration Event; which will be happening on our farms this Labor Day (September 3).  The event will feature farm tours, pick-your-own-pumpkin (or other winter squash--we have yet to see if pumpkins will be in by then), and we are hoping for home canning demonstrations.  CSA members are also invited to join us for a potluck picnic before the tours start, at noon--where you can enjoy a meal together with each other, and the families that grow your food and organize the cooperative.  

Everybody must RSVP to attend.  Please click here, or on the image above to do so.

Friday, August 17, 2012

What do to with Spelt Berries

Wondering what to do with Clarion River Organics spelt berries? Perhaps you would like to eat them the way the Pittsburgh Steelers do! Gretchen McKay of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette used our spelt berries to replicate the wheat berry salad the Steelers are served at their summer training camp. Scroll to the bottom of this link for the recipe.