Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NOW we get ice!

January was so warm we barely got any ice harvested for our cold storage. Now in June we get a 15 minute hail storm that destroys thousands of dollars of summer produce. Sunday afternoon the storm hit and rained marble size balls of ice on most of the Clarion River Organics farms.

You can see here how the hail damaged the eggplants. The ones at the top of the picture were covered with agricultural fabric, but there was a hole over the ones at the bottom and they got shredded. We had about 4,000 lettuce plants get completely destroyed. A lot of the other greens and summer crops were damaged but we expect them to recover in a couple weeks. It was especially disappointing for this to happen the week our CSA started. We'll make up for the scarce harvest later in the season, but I hate for this to be the first impression people get.

 Later in the day everything was bright and beautiful, and I'm sure it will be the same for our CSA later in the season.

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