Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall and Winter CSA First Newsletter

Curious what is going on with the Fall and Winter CSA?  What is there to be found in CSA boxes in the beginning of November in Pennsylvania?  Well, here is our newsletter from the first week of our Fall and Winter CSA...

Hello members!

We are so happy to be able to offer a Fall and Winter CSA, this is exciting for us!  It is a nice and sunny outside and we are busy here mulching and cleaning the fields for the winter.  Hopefully we have a few more days like this so that everything can get done!

In this weeks box:
  • Gold Potatoes
  • Rutabagas (this root vegetable is delicious in in soups, casseroles,  roasted, or mashed with potatoes. They are high in beta carotene and store well up to a month.)
  • Red Butterhead lettuce
  • Arugula (these are great on a sandwich or added to a salad)
  • Napa Cabbage ( a favorite ingredient in Asian cooking.  It is good in stir fries, soups, slaw, and of course kim chi.)
  • Buttercup Squash (similar to a Butternut in flavor)
  • Celeriac (sometimes called  "celery root" , they have a strong celery flavor.  It is easiest to slice off the top and bottom and then slice off the sides with a knife.  They are great in soups and make wonderful stock.  Recipe below)
  • Paprika Peppers (a small sweet pepper)
The next pick up day will be next Thursday, we will send out an email reminder.  Have a great day!

Monday, November 7, 2011

New Web Site!

Hi everybody,

I have been working with CRO for a couple months now, and I'm glad to say that we have all sorts of projects we are working on to prepare for the winter and next season.  I plan on posting on here a lot more often to keep you informed about all of these projects, but the one I'm most excited about right now is our new web site.

We have decided that our blog is a much better way to communicate with everybody than our existing web site, so we are building a new site around it.  This will allow us to keep all of you a lot more up to date on what's happening with us, and it will allow you to give input and communicate back with us.

The new site will be more of a constant work-in-progress, rather than a completed project, and we are very excited about that.  I think it will give us a lot more opportunities to share with you and give us more flexibility and control as we change and grow.

I hope you will bear with us as we are going through this process and I look forward to keeping you updated on all of our projects as we build this together.