Tuesday, February 5, 2019

We're Hiring!

If you haven't already heard the sad news, our sales and CSA manager Justin has moved to be closer to his family and left Clarion River Organics last month. So we're hiring a Sales and Procurement Manager to take his place. Please share this with anybody who would be great at helping organic farmers get their produce sold!
This could be your office back yard.

If you can get this sold shipped and delivered!

Sales and Procurement Manager

Responsibilities: To succeed in this position you will manage -
  1. Work flow
    Receive and compile
    product availability lists, send availability to customers, compile customer orders and send to farmers, provide packing lists to Operations Manager, compile finished packing lists into invoices, send updates of shorts to customers, provide invoices and delivery instructions to Operations Manager.
  2. Sales and outreach
    Keep customers informed about current and upcoming availability, coordinate purchases according to supply, keep customers informed of shortages or other problems.
    Increase customer base consistently before and during the growing season by seeking new customers and increasing purchases from existing customers. Attend conferences, trade shows and other relevant events to market CRO potential customers and brand awareness.
  3. Farmer base
    Ensure that our farmer suppliers are satisfied with sales and operations; that they are meeting our expectations and those of our customers regarding quality, timeliness, and information; that they are supported with information and training needed for successful product and compliance.

Job Outcomes: When you succeed in this position you will know it because-
  1. Customer orders reach customers on time, packed correctly and in good condition with accompanying paperwork. Customers are happy with CRO’s customer service and any issues are handled quickly.
  2. Growers, staff and customers all know the relevant information about daily availability, orders and processes and feel confident that they are kept informed.
  3. Sales volume exceed previous year.
  4. Outreach events are researched, prepared for and attended. Effectiveness is calculated in terms of new leads.
  5. New customer relationships are formed throughout the year and are carried into the new growing season

Expectations: To fit in at Clarion River Organics you will -
  1. Arrive at work at scheduled times ready to begin working.
  2. Be prepared to work approximately 50 hours a week between June and November, and approximately 30 hours a week between December and May.
  3. Be able to work on your feet up to 10 hours a day and be able to safely lift and pull upwards of 75 lbs many times a day.
  4. Stay calm and polite under stress and be prepared to deal with multiple unexpected requests, questions, and problems at the same time.
  5. Communicate continuously with other management, staff, farmers and customers especially regarding changes in plans or unexpected problems or uncertainties.
  6. Be very flexible with activities and hours, especially June to November.
  7. Candidate will need to live in or commute to the Clarion area.

Compensation/Benefits: In return for your good work you will receive -
  1. Salary commensurate with experience, $30,000/yr or more.
  2. Profit share.
  3. Up to $250/month health insurance reimbursement with proof of health insurance expense.
  4. Flexibility in scheduling and ability to direct your work day as you see fit.
  5. The appreciation of interesting farmers, passionate customers and supportive coworkers.
  6. Exposure to the produce industry and local food scene at all levels.
  7. The opportunity to create new ventures and share in their profits.
 Download the job description HERE