Monday, November 6, 2017

Sign-Up for 2017 Winter Meat Shares

We're excited to announce that we are offering Meat shares for another Winter season! A Holiday extra share — that will include festive produce for all of your holiday meals — is available, too! You can sign up for any or all shares.


A past beef share for CSA members
The meat is not certified organic, but the animals are antibiotic free, raised on organic pasture, and also fed organic hay and local non-GMO/non-organic grains. For more information please see our beef and pork blog posts.

Beef Share (1/8 of a cow): $140 per delivery x 3 = $420/season
Pork Share (1/4 of a pig): $110 per delivery x 3 = $330/season
Chicken Share: $60.50 per delivery x 3 = $181.50/season

Deliveries are scheduled for Thursdays:
December 14
February 15
April 12

Last year's Holiday Share: fesive fall/winter produce, grains and jarred goods!
Holiday Extra's will contain our jarred specialties and other seasonal produce for your holiday celebrations. At a cost of $30/share consider one for your own use, for your family and/or a holiday gift for friends!
*Delivery for this share will be Thursday, December 14.

We deliver...
(dependent upon participation)

Erie - Whole Foods Cooperative
Highland Park - Bryant Street Market
Lawrenceville - Espresso A Mano
McMurray - Sunny Bridge Natural Foods
Mt. Lebanon - Eden's Market
Moon Twp - Municipal Building
Oakmont - Today's Market
Regent Square - Biddles Escape
Sligo - CRO Warehouse
Southside - Delanie's Coffee
Wexford - Whole Foods

Email or call us at 412-589-9276 with any questions.

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