Wednesday, November 29, 2017

CSA for Christmas

"Feels like Christmas every week" — Angela (a current member)

A CSA share is, in many ways, truly the "gift that keeps on giving"! Purchasing a share for a family member or friend will give them the pleasure of receiving a farm-fresh box of produce each week for 25 weeks. In other words, 1 gift for 25 "presents" delivered throughout the 2018 growing season (June through November)! As a new member, they will also receive a complementary cookbook for delicious recipe ideas! 

Your generosity will not stop there! The gift will also extend to our community of organic growers and their families. Each CSA subscription provides them with the means to continue to grow high-quality and beautiful food, as well as the necessary support to maintain their agrarian family life. They look at each CSA subscription as a "gift" in of itself!

You'll need the gift recipient's name, address, phone number and email address. (If you'd prefer to keep this gift a secret until exchanging gifts — when asked for an email address, enter yours and we will make the necessary change following the holidays.)

Also, if you are interested in a formal gift card to give to your family member or friend, please email us and we will be happy to provide that for you!

If you have any questions, please email us at or call 412-589-9276. 

A Colorful Variety
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables   

Monday, November 6, 2017

Sign-Up for 2017 Winter Meat Shares

We're excited to announce that we are offering Meat shares for another Winter season! A Holiday extra share — that will include festive produce for all of your holiday meals — is available, too! You can sign up for any or all shares.


A past beef share for CSA members
The meat is not certified organic, but the animals are antibiotic free, raised on organic pasture, and also fed organic hay and local non-GMO/non-organic grains. For more information please see our beef and pork blog posts.

Beef Share (1/8 of a cow): $140 per delivery x 3 = $420/season
Pork Share (1/4 of a pig): $110 per delivery x 3 = $330/season
Chicken Share: $60.50 per delivery x 3 = $181.50/season

Deliveries are scheduled for Thursdays:
December 14
February 15
April 12

Last year's Holiday Share: fesive fall/winter produce, grains and jarred goods!
Holiday Extra's will contain our jarred specialties and other seasonal produce for your holiday celebrations. At a cost of $30/share consider one for your own use, for your family and/or a holiday gift for friends!
*Delivery for this share will be Thursday, December 14.

We deliver...
(dependent upon participation)

Erie - Whole Foods Cooperative
Highland Park - Bryant Street Market
Lawrenceville - Espresso A Mano
McMurray - Sunny Bridge Natural Foods
Mt. Lebanon - Eden's Market
Moon Twp - Municipal Building
Oakmont - Today's Market
Regent Square - Biddles Escape
Sligo - CRO Warehouse
Southside - Delanie's Coffee
Wexford - Whole Foods

Email or call us at 412-589-9276 with any questions.