Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ice Harvest 2013

Now that the weather is finally getting warm you might be wondering how Amish produce farmers keep their veggies cold without electric. Well, they simply harvest the cold when it is freely available in the dead of winter. You might remember that last year we barely had enough cold weather to make any ice. That wasn't a problem this year.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Severe Weather

Last week we had some of the strongest winds I've seen in four years of living here. The worst of the winds only lasted about half an hour but that was enough to destroy one of the farmer's calf barn and tear up another farmer's greenhouse.

The greenhouse on the floor started the day clear on the other side of the small greenhouse in the background. Luckily the wind lifted this one high enough that it didn't damage the smaller one as it flew over it.

This whole area used to be under a the roof that is now out in the pasture.
Thankfully we had some warm weather after the storm so the tomato plants in the greenhouse mostly survived until it was rebuilt over the next couple days. The calves were moved to a nearby farm and it will be a while until the barn can be rebuilt with a design that should provide more security.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cheese Lover Intern

Be part of the Pennsylvania Cheese Renaissance
Clarion River Organics works with five Western Pennsylvania dairy farmers who make farmstead dairy products.  We sell their products and tell their stories at regional farm markets, and distribute cheese shares all over Western Pennsylvania.

We are seeking an intern to help us take this to the next level.  The position involves: managing the cheese stand at farmers’ markets; communicating feedback to farmers about cheese quality; helping plan and assemble weekly cheese shares; and, using social media to communicate with our customers. We would like the intern to help us test the viability of an ice cream business.

The internship will run from June through October, with some flexibility.

Commensurate with experience

Other opportunities and benefits
Opportunities to learn about cheese making and milk production with the farmers exist. Specifically with Riverview Dairy an amish goat and sheep milk farm producing hard and soft cheeses and yogurt, and with Pasture Maid Creamery making hard cow milk cheese and bottling milk. One of the farms is aging wheels in a cave with opportunities to learn about caring for cheese and the art of affinage. Use of the facilities for custom production and aging will be available to the intern.

Looking to hire someone soon!
Please contact

Nathan Holmes at or (720)-432-8276

Friday, April 5, 2013

Organic Farmer's Cooperative Internship - Clarion River Organics

When I first started working with the farmers of Clarion River Organics I'd interned on a few farms, I'd gotten a four year degree in agriculture from Penn State, and I'd even started farming on my own land. But I soon realized I knew nothing of the produce business. Suddenly I was picking up produce from 12 farms, I was talking to grocery managers, chefs, and wholesale distributors, and I was seeing the 'back stage' area of every kind of food business. I was getting a hands on education that I never had as a student or an intern and immediately I started thinking about how to share this with others.

Finally we're in a position to offer an internship with CRO to anyone who wants to really understand how produce gets from the field to the table. Please share this with anyone you know who might be interested. It would be especially great for a college student in an agriculture program, but all are welcome to apply.