Wednesday, May 4, 2016

See you in CRO country!

Please join us to celebrate the start of a new growing season. Spring on the farms is lush with crisp greens and lettuces of which we grow many varieties. You'll tour thru a few in the fields and get a shot at Kale picking. 

We hope you can make it out to see our produce and fields, connect with the land on which your food is grown, and celebrate the beginning of the growing season with us, our growers, and each other.

Click HERE to RSVP and reserve your spot!

Once you RSVP the events details such as address and directions to the farm will be emailed to you the week before. Any other inquiries please email or call 412-589-9276

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New opportunities to work with CRO!

Now that Katie has filled out a great Pittsburgh Farm Market team it's my turn to find some awesome people join me in the heart of the cooperative in Sligo. We're looking for two warehouse workers, two delivery drivers and a general manager. And for the first time we can now offer housing as part of the deal to help you get settled in our here in the country. If you like helping farmers and sharing a mission with like minded people you will love Clarion River Organics.
Join the team!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Market Style CSA: Commit with Freedom

We recently received an email from one of our CSA members asking us, "if I am picking up my CSA at the farmers' market what advantages do I get as part of the CSA that I wouldn't get just buying my produce there each week?" It is a great question and I'm surprised we haven't received it more often, as we've been distributing CSA shares at farmers' markets for years. 

So, commit to local organic agriculture by joining a CSA or keep your freedom of choice and shop freely at your local market?

People want the freedom to choose and we get it. 

Research shows that lack of choice is one of the main reasons people try a CSA and don't return. They've had they're CSA experience and got to explore seasonal eating. And, it was probably nice but the lack of choice outweighs their desire to support local agriculture and all the other impalpable benefits related to environment and economy. 

Enter the Market Style CSA

Pay upfront, like a traditional CSA, but pick out exactly what you like each week, including: vegetables, fruit, eggs, grains, canned goods, and meats. You will get 10% off your bill each week just for being part of the market style CSA. Then, your weekly bill (which will be variable) will be deducted from your total balance.

- $500 (up front or 4 installment payments)
- Shop Phipps or Sewickley Market 
- 10% off retail price at our stand

The market style CSA is for those who prefer shopping whereas the traditional CSA pickup at our farm markets is a 'grab and go' style, quick and simple. 

Phipps: Wednesdays - 2:30-6:30
(1st week in June - October)
Sewickley: Saturdays - 9:00-1:00
(beginning of May - November)

Sign up for a CSA Here

There are still benefits to the traditional CSA model. Of course the whole CSA concept of supporting the growers thru seasonal, weather dependent, pest dependent glut and shortages is important to us and the growers. This is the foundation of the CSA model.

Oftentimes, CSA members get premium items and what we have limited quantities of. Your upfront commitment ensures you get first dibs on the best we have at the time. Now, sometimes the market stand will have small amounts of items we don't have enough of to include in even one CSA route. You will see a more diverse offering at the markets because as items are just starting to be harvested, or on their way out, often quantities are very small.

We don't really like to advertise this next one as we'd rather focus on the quality of the produce and the entire CSA experience but with the traditional CSA, since you're buying in mass with all of the CSA members, the price is reduced when compared to regular retail or farmers' market prices. The savings to you is substantial.

Especially for 1st time members it's of great value to experience the whole Pennsylvania growing season and get exposed to new and unfamiliar items you may not choose at the market, therefore expanding your pallet and cooking abilities. In addition, the weekly CSA newsletters and recipes are helpful to many folks who aren't familiar with such seasonal eating. The CSA model is challenging in some ways and may feel constrictive at first, but it's also a good challenge as CSA members expand their knowledge and flexibility in the kitchen gaining lifelong skills.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Summer CSA Signups Open!

Early bird discount? Yes! 

Sign up by CSA Day on February 26th and get $10 off your total upon signup. Committing early allows farmers to buy seed, and make repairs and investments in the 2016 season. It also provides support throughout the winter months as we plan for the upcoming growing season. Your early commitment is valued by all of us here, so Thank You! 

We are still working to confirm sites in a few areas so if your regular spot is not listed it may be coming soon. Please suggest pickup locations anywhere for us to consider.

Follow this link for more info: CSA INFO
Questions? Email us at

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Holiday Turkey, Ham, and Leg of Lamb

One of Daniels turkeys, soon to be yours
Danielle and Arlene Miller raised their birds on pasture, eating bugs and such, also fed locally grown, non-GMO grains and organic produce scraps. 

Hams come from pigs raised by Emanuel Schmidt. They are on pasture and supplemented with local non-GMO feed and organic produce scraps as well. 

Lamb is raised the same: pasture, and supplemented with local non-GMO grains.

Meats can be reserved and picked up at any of our current Winter CSA pickup locations the week before Christmas. Meats come frozen. You will not be able to choose the exact size you would like. 

Turkeys: $4.25/lb. (average 14-18 lbs)

Hams: $6.00/lb  (average 8-10 lbs)

Lamb Legs: $10.00/lb (average 5 lbs)

Sign up now, enter your payment details into our system, and you will be charged the full balance automatically upon pickup. 

Last day to place an order is December 14th.

Email with any questions.

Sign Up Here
Current CSA members or not can use the link above to access the online store and place an order
Or, if you would just like to look at a list of current pickup locations, days and times.